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Current Edition of True Natural Health Magazine - Autumn 2015

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Spring 2015

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 Featured in this season's issue:

Concentrated fats and oils

 Roger French provides a comprehensive list of fats and oils, breaking down their compositions and commenting on their nutritional value.


Member Story - Diabetes and Glaucoma no longer

Claire Penley tells of her remarkable health improvement following the change in her diet towards natural and unprocessed foods.


Plantar Fascitis

 What is Plantar fascitis? What causes it and how can we treat it?


LED lights OK?

An article that looks into the research surrounding the use of LED lights. 


Tinnitus - End the Ringing

An article on Tinnitus, it's causes, treatments and ways to avoid it.


ADHD Control Through Nutrition

An article by the late Dr Lendon Howard Smith about the multi-factoral causes of ADHD and the ways in which vitamins and minerals can alter certain behaviours.


The trap of 'Soldering-On'

Greg Fitzgerald (Osteopath and Naturopath) discusses burn-out caused by our fast-paced society combined with the acceptance of the "Soldier-On' mantra.


Recipes with Carob Powder

 Preparing some delicious vegetarian and vegan food.


If you'd like to browse a previous edition to find out whether you'd like to subscribe, you are able to view an older edition of True Natural Health for free by Clicking here