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Current Edition of True Natural Health Magazine - Autumn 2016

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Featured in this issue:


Preventing Cancer through plant-based nutrition

Robyn Chuter writes about Dr Dean Ornish's research into dealing with cancer through plant based nutrition.


Address the burden of toxaemia

Greg Fitzgerald writes about toxaemia, the real cause of disease and how much we need a new health care model to combat it.


Health Retreats in Australia

Compiled by Roger French... Where can we do a supervsied detox?


Getting your kitty off kibble and onto a raw diet

Tracey Morrison discusses the benefits of feeding your cat with raw food as opposed to feeding them with dried, cooked, fortified kibbl, which is not suitable for your cat's health in the long term.


Diverticular disease

Roger French discusses diverticulosis and how it is becoming more common in today's affluent countries where the diet is generally low in fibre.


Recipes from Hopewood

Preparing some delicious vegetarian and vegan food.


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