Winter 2019 True Natural Health  Magazine
Written by Dr Joseph Mercola.
Extracted from Dr Mercola’s enewsletter of 20th February 2019


Following multiple studies and environmental assays, a group of scientists set out to determine the extent of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. They discovered that much of the plastic microfibre results from washing clothes.

Microfibres enter the oceans through sewage systems, presenting a challenge to marine life as the irregular shapes make the plastic more difficult to excrete. This contributes to intestinal blockage and chemical poisoning.

Once in the waterways, the lipophilic (fat-‘loving’) properties of plastic attract other oil-based chemicals, such as flame retardants, bisphenols and phthalates, and concentrates these contaminants up to 100,000-fold. The plastic then carries the pollutants to the next creature in the food chain, and the next, possibly eventually landing on a human’s dinner plate.

Each of us has an opportunity to not contribute to this system by selecting organic fabrics, refusing to participate in ‘fast fashion’ and only buying clothes that you truly need. The effect of ‘retail therapy’ may help you feel relaxed for a short time, but the pollution generated lasts a lifetime.