Keeping Your Health Freedom

by Elizabeth French As a result of the corona virus, governments are stepping up the requirements for vaccination.  As from 1st May, all  visitors to aged care homes will not be allowed in unless they have a certificate stating that they have an up to date flu vaccination. The requirement already exists for all staff […]

Coronavirus – half the story is being missed

By Roger French, Health Director, Natural Health Society The Federal Government’s medical advisers appear to have forgotten some of their elementary training, and this is that our bodies have powerful defences against pathogenic microorganisms – our immune systems. However, our immune systems are only fully effective if they are strong. If they are weak, then […]

Wonderful water melons in season

Water melons are incredibly healthy as well as being delicious!  They have excellent levels of vitamins A and C and a good level of vitamin B6. Watermelon is a hot weather fruit and does not suit our metabolism in the cool/cold seasons.  All melons should preferably be eaten alone due to their high water content. […]

Wellness naturally

Enjoy keeping healthy at any age NHS director Roger French  shared his story of still running at 78 years old. Roger has completed 45 City to Surf races and attributes his good health to his natural lifestyle