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Natural Health Society Webinar Series 3 from 16th March to 20th April 2021

March 16 @ 19:30 - April 20 @ 20:30


Our next Webinar series is being launched on

16th March 2021

There is a one off cost of $49 to attend and/or watch the recordings of all webinars…

“RESILIENCE” An Opportunity to Understand its Importance for our Health and Wellbeing

With 6 Great Speakers:

Dr Pam Popper (Naturopath) drpampopper.com

Founder and President of Wellness Forum Health in USA . The company offers educational programs to both consumers and providers that facilitate informed medical decision-making, diet and lifestyle intervention, and improved long-term health outcomes. Pam was one of the health care professionals involved in the famed Sacramento Food Bank Project, in which economically disadvantaged people were shown how to reverse their diseases and eliminate medications with diet.

She has been featured in many widely distributed documentaries, including Processed People, Making a Killing and Forks Over Knives.  She is one of the co-authors of the companion book which was on the New York Times bestseller list for 66 weeks. 

Pam is a straight-talking professional who is not afraid to criticize national health organizations, government agencies, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, agricultural organizations and manufacturing companies, many of whom have agendas and priorities that interfere with distributing truthful information and promoting public health.

Everyone who is interested in health should hear her speak.  For some, their lives may depend on what she has to say!

Dr Greg Fitzgerald (Osteopath, Chiropractor and Naturopath) Health For Life – Health through healthy living

Greg is, like Dr Pam Popper, an outspoken professional who is dedicated to spreading the real truth about health and disease. He speaks at the American National Health Association’s Annual Conferences in Cleveland, Ohio, each year, alongside Dr Pam Popper and other world leaders in health, nutrition and Natural Hygiene. He also is the regular columnist for the quarterly publication of the Natural Health Society of Australia, True Natural Health.

Anxiety, tension and stress are epidemic today. These conditions flourish on depleted and exhausted nervous systems. In fact, many chronic diseases develop from exhausted nervous systems. With a fragile nervous system, mental and physical health becomes impossible to attain. This talk will give you a game plan to rebuild your nervous system, become mentally and physically stronger and take the pressure down! Life should not be a Suffer-Fest!

Robyn Chuter (Naturopath) Empower Total Health

Founder of Empower Total Health. She is a regular columnist for the quarterly publication of the Natural Health Society of Australia, True Natural Health.

Robyn Chuter’s insightful talk will take you on a journey into the world of our microbiota and how they interact with our ‘second brain’. She will discuss the latest microbiota research and explain how our feelings, perceptions and mindset can be influenced by our microbiota. Most importantly she will provide you with practical diet and lifestyle tweaks to nurture your gut bugs, so they can support your physical and psychological well-being.

Doug Evans (Oesteopath and Natural Health Practitioner) 

What is it, particularly about their diet, that allows some people/populations to live longer and healthier lives?  How it is possible to be healthy at 100?   The four diseases that tend to shorten our lives and reduce its quality – cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and dementia – can be influenced more by lifestyle than by our genes.

Doug’s talk will explain why some populations live long and healthy lives and others don’t.  The lessons we can learn from the way some populations live can not only help prevent, but in some cases reverse the disease process. This talk will teach you how to change your lifestyle to bring about measurable improvements in your health. Doug will discuss how telomere regeneration, which is a gauge of cell renewal, can be achieved and present case studies from his own practice in professionally guided fasting.

Clare Mann (Vegan Psychologist, Existential Psychotherapist, Author and Communications Trainer) Psychologist Clare Mann

Clare runs a private practice, works online, has authored numerous books and runs several training programs.

More than ever before, we must examine our own responses to the current chaos and work towards collaborating with others to bring about a healthier and kinder world that includes how we treat animals. This is only possible if we each examine the wider systemic issues and the consequences of society’s shadow which is being brought into the light at this time.

Susan Joachim  (President International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance) https://infta.net/ 

In Susan’s inspiring talk, she will present the growing research supporting Forest Therapy and the wellbeing trend that is helping people rediscover the health benefits of nature connection. Join us and get motivated to engage with this powerful health practice. 

Tuesday, 16 March 7.30pm  Robyn Chuter, Empower Total Health – Two Brains and 100 Trillion Bugs 
Tuesday, 23 March 7.30pm  Doug Evans, Oesteopath and Natural Health Practitioner – Reversing your biological age: How lifestyle trumps genetics
Tuesday, 30 March 7.30pm  Clare Mann, Vegan Psychologist – Developing Resilience in a Time of Chaos 
Tuesday, 6 April 7.30pm Susan Joachim, President of the International Nature and Forest Therapy Alliance – Unravelling the practice of Forest Therapy
Tuesday, 13 April 7.30pm Dr Greg Fitzgerald (Allied Health), Health for Life – Overcoming Anxiety: Rebuilding Your Nervous System
Tuesday, 20 April 1pm  Dr Pam Popper Wellness Forum Health in USA – Our health freedom is in peril – what we need to know and do 

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March 16 @ 19:30
April 20 @ 20:30


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