60th Anniversary Natural Health Society Webinar Series 2 Recordings




Our Webinar Series 2 has finished… however you can watch the whole series of webinar recordings as below…

Tuesday, 29 September  Abby Rees from Punk PD – The Art and Science of Becoming Intentional 
Tuesday, 6 October         Melissa Kovacevic, Functional Health, Canberra – How EFT Tapping Works to Help You With Your Wellness Goals 
Tuesday, 13 October       Roger French, Natural Health Society of Australia – Achieving Robust Health – It’s Easier Than It Sounds
Tuesday, 20 October       Dr Gavin Levy, NSW Ambassador, Doctors for Nutrition – As a Doctor, Why I Choose To Go Plant-Based 
Tuesday, 27 October       Dr Greg Fitzgerald (Allied Health), Health for Life – Pan(ic)demic – Lessons From COVID-19
Tuesday, 3 November    Dr Alan Goldhamer, True North Health Centre, California, USA – Can Fasting Save Your Life?


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