Natural Health Society Webinar Series 3




Our new Webinar Series 3 “RESILIENCE” starts on 16 March 2021…

Tuesday, 16 March 7.30pm  Robyn Chuter from Empower Total Health – Two Brains and 100 Trillion Bugs 

Tuesday, 23 March 7.30pm  Doug Evans, Oesteopath and Natural Health Practitioner – Reversing your biological age: How lifestyle trumps genetics 

Tuesday, 30 March 7.30pm  Clare Mann, Vegan Psychologist – Developing Resilience in a Time of Chaos 

Tuesday, 6 April 7.30pm Susan Joachim, President of the International Nature and Forest Therapy – Unravelling the practice of Forest Therapy

Tuesday, 13 April 7.30pm Dr Greg Fitzgerald (Allied Health), Health for Life – Overcoming Anxiety: Rebuilding Your Nervous System

Tuesday, 20 April 1pm  Dr Pam Popper Wellness Forum Health in USA – Our health freedom is in peril – what we need to know and do


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