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Our new Webinar Series 4

“Stories in Health: Defining moments in our health
continuum and the lessons we can share”

starts on 22 July 2021…

Thursday, 22 July 7.30pm  Dr Leila Masson. Consultant paediatrician, nutritional and environmental medicine specialist.

Presentation: Paediatric acute neuropsychiatric syndrome, what every parent, grandparent and person who works with children should know.

Presenter:  Dr Masson is an international lecturer on children’s health and an expert on subject of children’s nutrition and integrative approaches to paediatric issues. Dr Mason’s specialties including autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, behaviour issues, allergies, recurrent infections, and autoimmune diseases. She received her medical doctorate from the Free University of Berlin and did her paediatric specialist training at the University of California in San Francisco. She received her Master in Public Health from Harvard University.

Presentation summary: Dr Leila Mason will discuss cases that demonstrate the benefit of a holistic approach to paediatric acute neuropsychiatric syndrome ‘PANS’. Frequently underdiagnosed, an understanding of PANS is something every parent and grandparent should have. Dr Mason’s approach which incorporates lifestyle, nutritional and environmental medicine is one not to be missed.

Thursday, 29 July 7.30pm  Ally Sanchez. Herbalist and Nutritionist.

Presentation: It’s never too late to adopt a natural health approach.

Presenter: For nearly 20 years Ally Sanchez has dedicated her life to the practice of Traditional Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Iridology, Juice Therapy and Aromatherapy.  Ally runs workshops and a natural therapies clinic in which she uses a combination of traditional therapies to naturally support the body and mind’s ability to heal itself.  Ally has helped thousands of people achieve better health and wellbeing since starting her herbal medicine practice in the Blue Mountains in 2004.

Presentation summary: Herbalist and nutritionist Ally Sanchez shares a beautiful story that demonstrates adopting natural health philosophies can be beneficial throughout our health continuums. Ally’s talk will inform and inspire you to adopt practical natural health solutions in your life today.

Thursday, 5 August 7.30pm  Mary-Anne Bennet. Clinical Nutritionist.

Presentation:  Healing from Fibromyalgia – The invisible illness. A natural approach to recovering from chronic health issues.

Presenter:  As a Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist Mary-Anne is dedicated to helping women recover from chronic illness, reset their health, and feel like they’ve got their life back! Mary-Anne’s approach to natural healing eliminates the guesswork as she dives deeply into her client’s personal history, genetics and lifestyle habits to create an individualized health and wellness plan that’s designed to address health concerns at the deepest root cause in the simplest yet profoundly effective way.

Presentation summary: Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness? Did you know it’s possible to heal yourself from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and many other lifestyle diseases that you are being told is just part of getting older. Join Mary-Anne for this presentation, where she will…

  • Dispel the myths about recovering from chronic illness
  • Explain how the answers to your health concerns could be hidden in your genes
  • Teach you how to use nutrigenomics to reset your health and get your life back

This presentation will leave you with an understanding of how you can heal from chronic illness by using nutrigenomics- the power of food to influence your genes and your health.

Thursday, 12 August 7.30pm  Gigi Neophytou. Health Educator, Counsellor and Yoga Instructor.

Presentation:  A holistic approach to healthy ageing. How to age well: mentally, physically and emotionally.

Presenter:  Gigi is a 62yr old grandmother who specialises in healthy ageing. Through her businesses ‘Yoga & Beyond’ and ‘The Health & Happiness Centre’ she teaches her students and clients the natural lifestyle practices to foster great health mentally, physically and emotionally. Gigi has over 15 years experience as a counsellor, yoga teacher (with a focus on yoga as therapy), health educator and has recently completed qualifications as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach.

Presentation summary: Gigi will share her own experience of recovering from ill health through a variety of holistic remedies. This presentation will provide you with a lived perspective on a healing journey that included  approaches such as Herbalism, Kinesiology, Ayurveda, Reflexology, Bowen Therapy, Yoga, Stretch Therapy, Vitamin Therapy, Intermittent Fasting, Juice Feasting, Water Fasting , various “diets” (including raw food, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, whole food, food as medicine), Essential Oils, Sound Therapy, Meditation, Prayer, Hypnotherapy and DNA testing. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, in sharing her healing story Gigi will provide you with practical solutions. She will teach you how to balance diet and lifestyle to tap into your bodies own healing capacity and prevent premature ageing.

Thursday, 19 August 7.30pm  Natural Health Society Panel Discussion –NHSA President, Elizabeth French. NHSA Health Director, Roger French.  Member and committee volunteer, Richard Stepniewski. Facilitated by NHSA Manager, Rebecca Smith.

Presentation: Our health stories, the Natural Health Society of Australia. What is it that defines our health? What motivates us to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle?

Presenters:  In the 1970’s Elizabeth picked up a Natural Health Society magazine, and has never looked back. Elizabeth has lived and breathed the natural health lifestyle for decades and has held the role of NHSA President multiple times since 1978. Roger French, has been in the NHSA executive for over 40 years.  Many of you would know of Roger’s great skill as a health communicator from reading our magazine, True Natural Health. Richard Stepniewski is a NHSA member and volunteer. Richard is hugely committed to natural health and the NHSA. If you haven’t read his water fasting blog you can find it here.

Presentation summary: This discussion will provide you with tangible examples of how natural health theory can be adopted into practice. We aim to further educate, support and inspire you on your health journey. Our final presentation of the series is also an opportunity for the NHSA community to share their stories, their success and frustrations.  Sharing lived experiences and providing support is key to our NHSA community. ❤

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