Superfood Juices


Author, Julie Morris, is a Los Angeles-based, natural food chef
and promoter of whole, plant-based foods. In this book, she
offers a fresh, super-healthy style of juicing with 100 creatively
varied and tasty recipes.



Rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants
and other phytochemicals, superfoods
such as acai, chia, ginger and kale
and many other foods make drinks for
a range of purposes – a detox and
flush cleanse, a slim and tone cleanse,
a strength and stamina cleanse or a
beauty and anti-ageing cleanse.
This American author is no puritan. Her
‘Volcano Hot Chocolate’ contains
beetroot, raw cashews, cacao powder and agave nectar. There
are even several frozen treats.
There is no need to be concerned about consuming too much
fruit sugar from the juices as there is a huge range of recipes
containing other ingredients.