The Vitamin Cure For Women’s Health Problems


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The Vitamin Cure For Women’s Health Problems

By Helen Saul Case

Women’s health issues are often handled by physicians who have little time, and often no inclination, to get to the root cause of their patient’s illnesses. Almost always women are sent on their way with a prescription for what at first seems to be a simple pharmaceutical answer to their problems. Unfortunately, medical solutions often don’t work and have side effects that may seem as bad as or worse than the original illness. At best, they leave the person relying on drugs instead of addressing the root cause of the problem. Good nutritional guidance, natural alternative options and vitamins that can cure are the appropriate options.


Helen Saul Case speaks from personal experience in dealing with her own health concerns. She backs up her knowledge of orthomolecular nutrition and its use for women’s health issues with extensive research into the scientific studies of nutrition and supplementation, and she shares this information in an engaging, easy-to-read style. This book is a comforting resource for natural, drug-free alternatives to consider for healthy supplementation.


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