Tuesday 22nd September, 2020 at 7.30pm by Zoom 

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All current members are entitled to attend and vote for the nominated committee members.  The details of the members that have been nominated so far are below.

If you would like to help keep the Society moving ahead and commit to several hours a month on one of our committees, please call Elizabeth French on 0478 755 537.

Elizabeth French
I joined the Natural Health Society in 1973 and have been active in the organisation in various ways ever since, including the last three years as National President (again). For more than 30 years I have run a small franchise business which has grown substantially in that time. Through this I have developed business management skills that can be beneficial to my work in the Natural Health Society.
I am excited about the next stage of the Society’s development and believe that I can make a valuable contribution to it.

Amalia Pezzutto
I have been part of a committee assessing grant applications for a Disadvantaged Schools program. I have been a social justice advocate and have been involved with raising and managing money in various committees.
I was a committee member of the Illawarra Branch of the Natural Health Society –the last of our branches to close. I am a passionate believer in the whole-food, plant-based eating approach to health. I feel blessed to have been involved with the Society for many years and it has been a privilege to serve on the National Executive Committee.

Jan Thorpe
I joined the Natural Health Society in 1966 and it changed my life. I have been a committee member of the Society on and off for many years and have held the position of National President for two terms. For many years, I was President of the Blue Mountains-Nepean Branch.
The majority of my working life was with St George Bank, moving up to Branch Manager. This experience has made me aware of the need to take a keen interest in the organisation’s operations and funds, and I look forward to another term as a Committee member.

Cecil Bodnar
I joined the Natural Health Society in 1975, participated in a number of branches over the years, and have been a passionate advocate for the Society ever since. My wife, Marilyn, and I opened our house for monthly Wellness gatherings many years ago to allow people to see how to live the Natural Health lifestyle in practice. Marilyn and I use every possible opportunity to promote the Society.
Having been on the National Committee for a couple of terms now, I am keen to help grow the influence of the Society after 60 years.

Margaret Stepniewski
I have been a member of the Society for 20 years and it has made a great difference to my personal health. I understand the importance of getting out the message about our self-healing bodies to all ages to help people take control of their own health with dependable information.
I volunteer on the Social Media and Business Development Action Group Sub-Committees and have helped with the Wellness evenings and other events.I am excited about the future of the Society and want to make sure that it can keep up the good work for generations to come.

Kevin Coleman
Although always interested in health, my path to the Natural Health Society has been provoked by my own health crisis. I have had a rewarding career in medicine, having completed my internship at St Vincent’s Hospital, Darlinghurst in 1979. My earliest dissonance with mainstream medicine followed my father’s bypass surgery in 1981. Dad’s first breakfast post-op was ‘bacon and eggs’. I am grateful to my wife, Flavia, for introducing me to Dr Greg Fitzgerald, whom I greatly admire, and the wonderfulteam at the Society. Hoping I can give
some input into our Society.

Marilyn Bodnar
I am a trained nurse, homebirth midwife and Nature Cure practitioner, remedial massage therapist and Bowen/Emmett and craniosacral-sacral practitioner. I joined the Society in 1983 and became a Natural Foods Preparation Instructor. I was a committee member of the Organic Growers Association and its Secretary for some years. My husband, Cecil, and I have for years held monthly Wellness Gatherings in our home, demonstrating plant-based meals and educating people interested in Natural Health principles. At TAFE colleges, I have presented Vegetarian Cooking Classes. I am also a distributor of wholesome organic fresh and dried produce. I have home-birthed and home-schooled two sons.