Webinar Series 3 "RESILIENCE" Begins 16 March

2020 was our 60th Anniversary

Promoting long-term health and wellbeing

The Natural Health Society is a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 1960. Recognising that prevention is far better than cure, the Society shows through simple, drug-free, lifestyle modifications how to prevent illness and early ageing.

Nourishing Yourself Naturally

Learn more about our philosophy for Nutrition, the gut, the importance of pure water and more

Illness, Self-Healing & Natural Therapies

We uphold Self-Healing, Building Immunity, Detoxification & Fasting, Natural Remedies, and Positive thinking

Physical Activity, Fresh Air & Sunshine

Our belief in exercise, rest and relaxation as a critical role in living a healthy and long life, naturally

Stress & Relaxation

Illness & Health Management

Maintaining a Healthy Environment

Minimising exposure to toxic chemicals and EMR

Caring for Family & Pets

Including babies and children

Enjoy Vibrant Health

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Upcoming Events

Articles & Blogs

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

 The term ‘inflammation’ is used to describe a natural process in the body’s tissues, brought about by the body itself, which involves redness, heat, swelling

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The Power of the Sun

Vitamin D, also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, is a hormone that’s produced when skin is exposed to sunlight and is used by every cell

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