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Help us continue the vision of Mr Leslie Owen Bailey who established Natural Health in Australia in 1960 by leaving a bequest. His far-sighted vision and passion to maintain health naturally by providing information based on the best available evidence is what continues to drive the work of the Natural Health Society today.

Many people who have gained benefit from the Natural Health Society may wish to support our work further by leaving a bequest.  Should you consider doing this, the following wording for your will may be helpful:

“I bequeath to the Natural Health Society of Australia (NSW) Inc ABN 91 080 087 725 the sum of $xx (or part or all of residue of Estate) free of all duties to be applied for the purposes of the Society (or as directed by the donor) and the receipt of the Secretary of the Society shall be sufficient discharge for the same.”

It may be wise to consult a solicitor to ensure that the bequest is valid. At all times your privacy will be fully respected and the information you provide will remain strictly confidential.

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