Giselle Cooke, Holistic Health Consultant, MB, BS, DBM, PhD 

MNHAA (155776)

Giselle Cooke is a former GP who now practices wellness medicine. Giselle will be presenting at our NHSA 2024 Seminar, we’re excited to learn from her.







How you describe your health philosophy?

I practice Wellness Medicine, so my health philosophy is to address the underlying cause of my patient’s illness or disease, to return systems and organs to healthy functioning so that recovery is sustainable. Then the learning for the patient from the healing process often enables them to implement self-treatment in similar future situations. I strictly follow the Hippocratic Oath, first by attempting to do no harm in my practice of medicine, then using plants, water, sunlight, exercise and other natural remedies preferentially before synthetic chemicals are prescribed.


How did you learn about natural health?

I was introduced to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a medical student, which I studied at an evening college whilst I was undertaking my medical degree. My curiosity about traditional medicines then led me to undertake diploma courses in  Western Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, along with training in Reiki and bodywork. So I suppose my introduction to natural health was by gradual symbiosis from the natural therapies I was studying, adopting practices and treatments along the way over a period of about 20 years.


Has your health career had a defining moment?

I think when I met Mr Denis Stewart, widely considered the Father of Australian Herbalism, studying Western herbal medicine with him for a period of four years part-time following my general practice internship, then working alongside him in his Wahroonga practice, I never looked back. I had morphed into a wholistic doctor with a broader view of health and healing and came to know and respect the potential of plant medicines, so much so that I gradually relinquished my script pad for my dispensary!


What is a health habit or practice that you think people often overlook?

Cultivating self-awareness is underrated


What is one of the most common pieces of health advice you give?

To trust the healing process, to provide your body with everything it needs to recover, then allow Nature to take its course, in its own way, in its own time.


What is the best piece of health advice you have received?

Let go (expectations, disappointments, grief, needing to control, needing to perfect, needing to be right, needing anything!)


What is your favourite healthy meal?

A mezze plate of all sorts of delicious Israeli vegetarian delights. I felt so healthy travelling in Israel, eating the local fare (shakshuka, warm hoummos on the beach, enormous figs from the markets, Bedouin tea to drink…)


Giselle Cooke consults out of Next Practice Health


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