NHSA 2024 Seminar, July 27





Join us on Saturday, July 27 to learn from experts in the Natural Health field.

The Natural Health Society’s annual seminar for 2024 will be held at Sydney Mechanic’s School of Arts near Town Hall in Sydney. We have collected together a group of speakers to inspire and inform us on the day.

Between presentations, we will serve a vegan lunch.

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More about our speakers…


Dr Greg Fitzgerald (Allied Health)has been the Principal at the Health For Life Centre since 1983. Greg has presented at National and International forums including; the Australian Osteopathic Association’s Annual Conference and the American National Health Association’s Annual Conference. As part of his mission to educate, Greg has conducted many seminars and health programs, for professionals and the public alike.

Energy For Life: From Tired to Terrific in 21 Days!

Being TATT (Tired All The Time) is one of the most common presentations to all health-care practitioners. The extreme form of TATT is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Without energy there is no life but with abundant energy life is a joy! And today, lack of vitality and energy is even common in young people. Why is TATT so pervasive in modern society? How do we maintain our energy as we age? What is the biggest medical mistake in treating TATT? Greg has even been asked to speak on this very topic in June at the American National Health Conference in Cleveland Ohio. Do not miss Greg’s deep dive into Energy for Life!



Dr Giselle Cooke (PhD) has practised holistic & integrative medicine in Australia since graduating from the University of NSW in Medicine and Surgery in 1979. She expanded upon her medical training with postgraduate studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, Nutrition, Ayurveda and mind-body medicine. Giselle founded the multidisciplinary clinic, Pymble Grove Health Centre in 1989, opened The Modern Apothecary herbal dispensary & teahouse in 2003, and her adjacent holistic health practice, Health Alchemy, the following year.

Giselle now works as a holistic health consultant, specialising in wellness medicine, optimal ageing and epigenetic interventions. She does not practice as a medical doctor. Her current research-based clinical focus is on the human microbiome and metabolome and its far-reaching impacts on our health. She recently completed PhD research at The University of Sydney into male infertility and its relationship to the emerging field of the human microbiome.

 Precision Medicine and Artificial Intelligence, a Holistic Physician’s Perspective. 

Last year at our annual conference, Dr Giselle Cooke (PhD) sat on our Future of Natural Health panel. Giselle spoke about her pioneering work bringing allied health practitioners into the world of hospitals and mainstream medicine and lamented the lack of progress decades later. On the day we realised we needed much more time to hear Giselle’s fascinating views on the future of health so we have invited her back this year. In her presentation this year, Giselle will discuss the future of healthcare delivery, precision medicine and the current status of the artificial intelligence in medicine debate. Anyone who has seen Dr Cooke speak will know that attendees are in for an engaging, thoughtful and fact-packed presentation.



Ally Sanchez is a  Herbalist and Nutritionist with 20 years of clinical experience. Ally is a cancer survivor and has a deep knowledge of herbal therapeutics, juicing and fasting therapy.

The Power of Food: A Nutrigenomics Lens on Wholefood Plantbased Eating. 

Nutrigenomics is a science studying the relationship between our genome, nutrition and health. It looks at the relationship between nutrients, diet and gene expression. This approach also looks at how the whole body responds to a food via systems biology. Ally Sanchez’s presentations are always filled with passion, great information and the wisdom of lived experience. In her presentation, Ally will provide details on the science of nutrition, but also provide practical advice that you can implement straight away to improve your health. We look forward to learning from Ally and hearing her holistic take on the science of nutrigenomics.







We look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday, July 27. 10.30 – 3.30 pm

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