The simple joys of Christmas can often be overlooked due to the constant chaos surrounding it such as sourcing gifts or organising Christmas day lunch which can negatively have an impact on our overall health. But just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean completely forgetting the healthy habits we’ve gained throughout the year.

So, this Christmas we’re sharing our favourite tips to ensure you have a healthy and happy Christmas minus all the stress.

Focus on healthier foods
This time of year, we tend to be quite indulgent in the foods we eat, however moderation is key! You’ll be surprised at the vast amount of nutritional and healthy Christmas dishes to try out. Replacing just one dish with a healthy alternative can make Christmas just that little bit healthier. For example, opt for serving or gifting a fruit basket instead of chocolates.

Make conscious choices
It’s important to understand where food originates from, so this year we encourage you to make a conscious choice to look out for ethical and sustainable or locally made goods.  If you eat seafood, look for a fair-trade certification such as the blue tick which indicates that the product is sustainable and there was no overfishing.

Take out time to relax
 Christmas time is notoriously busy and stressful so don’t forget to take out some time for yourself. Relax and unwind by practicing some self-care and doing whatever makes you feel recharged such as reading your favourite book or doing some yoga.

 Go out for a walk
Staying active over the holidays can be a real challenge but don’t let your normal exercise regime fall out the window. Get out in nature and enjoy the fresh air! Being active helps keep stress at bay and is great for the body and mind.

Express gratitude
Sing some Christmas carols and think about the religious reasons for Christmas. It’s important to remember those that are less fortunate than us as well and do our bit to give back. Volunteer at a local charity or donate some food or gifts to those who often go without.