Spring 2018 True Natural Health  Magazine
Abridged and modified from an item by Derek Henry, writer for NaturalNews.com; 12th June 2018


Unfortunately, if our digestion goes downhill, so too do most organs including the brain. Like a stack of dominoes, once one falls, they all fall.

Knowing what compromises our digestive health is a good place to start. Although this list is long, focusing on eliminating the following culprits can make a big difference.


Heavy metal accumulation

The most common sources of mercury are seafood and dental amalgams, the latter being the more dangerous. During chewing, mercury is released from amalgam fillings, mixed with food and swallowed into the digestive tract.

In the stomach mercury combines with hydrochloric acid to produces mercuric chloride, which can damage the stomach lining and create ulcers. And once mercury comes into contact with our friendly bacteria, it can kill them.

 The first preventative measure is to have all dental amalgams replaced with non-mercury materials.


Using prescription medications

As people are beginning to figure out, medications are causing perhaps as many if not more problems than they solve.

 Not only do antibiotics kill bad bacteria in our body, they also destroy the good bacteria and leave a chemical residue that decimates the gut microbiome and taxes the liver.

 The answer – where possible, use self-healing instead of drugs.


Biological infections

Many health conditions start from a biological (bacteria, virus, fungus, parasite) infection that was not treated appropriately. Two very common infections that can have tell-tale signs are parasites and Candida albicans.

Detoxing is the natural way to render disease microorganisms impotent in the body.


Eating dead food

‘Dead’ food would be any food processed, microwaved, pasteurised, irradiated or cooked at high temperatures. Heating destroys delicate nutrients, most notably enzymes. Since enzymes are critical to the digestive process, any shortage immediately creates deficiencies and toxicities inside the body.

So, eat raw plant foods entirely or mostly.



Excessive alcohol consumption can devastate our digestive system. Some drinks are worse than others, such as beer made from the glutinous grains or wines with preservatives. All alcohol disrupts the microbiota balance and increases gut permeability.

 Dare we suggest it – consume no or very little alcohol.


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