Recipes from Summer 2021-22 issue of True Natural Health


This blend is rich is enzymes.

Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples, is one of nature’s great anti-inflammatory agents.

In fact, bromelain has such powerful anti-platelet (blood thinning) potential that you should adopt a precautionary approach and, if you are taking prescription blood thinners, not consume pineapple in the quantities that blending or juicing allows.

Papaya provides papain, an enzyme withexcellent anti-inflammatory and digestive actions and an excellent choice for anyone who tends towards constipation and bloating. This blend is best consumed fresh while these

enzymes are at their peak activity.

Use half the ingredients for 2 or 3 people



1 pineapple with rough outer skin removed

1 papaya, peeled and seeds removed

1 or 2 handfuls seasonal green leafy vegetables

1 lime or lemon (they can be peeled or left with the skin on to add an extra bioflavonoid boost.)







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