(i) Health is the normal condition of the human body and under natural conditions it should continue from birth to death.

(ii) Health is the condition of the body when all of its functions perform harmoniously and is maintained by living in accordance with nature.

(iii) The health of an organism is governed by eating habits, proper exercise, abundant sunshine and fresh air, pure water, rest, a positive mental attitude and the avoidance of all habits which devitalise the system and disturb the balance of the bodily functions.

(iv) Disease is basically the reaction of the body to a departure from some of the conditions necessary for good health.

(v) Health can be regained and maintained by living in harmony with nature and allowing the natural healing powers of the body to restore health.

(vi) Drugs, medicines and other similar treatments interfere with the body’s restorative power and so, while suppressing symptoms, retard the restoration of health.

(vii) The same factors which are necessary to maintain health are also the basis for the control of disease conditions if they arise.

(viii) Erroneous eating habits, stress and lack of exercise are the principal causative factors in most of the health problems of civilised life.

(ix) The natural and beneficial way to alleviate acute disease is through fasting – that is, complete abstention from both solid and liquid food – consuming only water. Alternatively, diluted fruit juices may be consumed.

(x) Chronic disease is the intensification of acute disease. It becomes manifest when the self-healing powers of the body are overtaxed.