Current and Future

As the Natural Health Society reaches its 60th anniversary, the National Committee and its sub-committees are working towards restoring the growth of the membership which has been declining over recent years.  The financial support of the Australian Youth and Health Foundation and the generous donations from members are very much appreciated.

The True Natural Health magazine continues to be posted to members every three months and is also available on line for e-members.  The annual seminars are still held in Sydney but we are looking for venues in other cities.

The website has recently been upgraded again and many of the articles from the magazines are available for easy referencing.  We have kept up with social media with our Facebook and Instagram posts and we will be launching a member’s forum on Facebook to encourage more interaction and feedback.

There are regular Wellness gatherings in Wallacia NSW for members and friends to meet informally over plant-based meals and we want to introduce more in other areas.  We are also working towards setting up NHS branches again where members can benefit from meeting other like-minded people.

Roger French’s book, How a Man Lived in Three Centuries, is actively promoted and will be available as an audio book in the future.  We are still following the original principles on the basis that Natural Health information does not go out of date.

The keys to good health are:

 Nutrition

 Pure water

 Rest and relaxation

 Positive attitude

 Physical activity

 Detoxification and self-healing

 Minimising exposure to toxic man-made chemicals

 Sunshine and fresh air