The Perils of Blue-Light: By Dr Jenny Livanos Optometrist and Nutritionist

In the past, we organised our daily routines according to the sun. Sunlight was our main source of light and energy, with our ancestors working outside from sunrise to sunset. Dimly lit nights were spent with candles and around the fireplace, followed by going to sleep in darkness. Nowadays, many of us live in big […]


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Alley Sanchez – Interview

How would you describe your health philosophy? In one word? Plants. Plants play a vital role in our lives as humans. We share a symbiotic relationship with nature, depending on each other for survival. Plants for nutrition – A diet that is predominantly plant-based, consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, has been repeatedly […]

Rest is a health practice

The end of the year can bring extra work, social and family demands at a time when many of us are feeling end-of-year fatigue. Don’t forget that rest is a highly underrated health practice. Here are some holiday reminders to help keep you on track   Who has time to nap at this time of year!!??! […]