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NHSA Webinar Series 4 ”Stories in health: Defining moments in our health continuum and the lessons we can share”

July 22, 2021 @ 19:30 - August 19, 2021 @ 19:30

$39 – $49

What is it that defines our health? What motivates us to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle?

In this series we will host an impressive collection of practitioners who will present case studies and personal stories of healing journeys.     


July 22  Dr Leila Mason will discuss cases that demonstrate the benefit of a holistic approach to paediatric acute neuropsychiatric syndrome ‘PANS’. Frequently underdiagnosed, an understanding of PANS is something every parent and grandparent should have. Dr Mason’s approach which incorporates lifestyle, nutritional and environmental medicine is one not to be missed.

July 29  Herbalist and nutritionist Ally Sanchez shares a beautiful story that demonstrates adopting natural health philosophies can be beneficial throughout our health continuums. Ally’s talk will inform and inspire you to adopt practical natural health solutions in your life today.

August 5  Mary-Anne Bennet, clinical nutritionist, will present on how you can heal from chronic illness by using nutrigenomics- the power of food to influence your genes and your health.

Mary-Anne’s presentation will…

  • Dispel the myths about recovering from chronic illness
  • Explain how the answers to your health concerns could be hidden in your genes
  • Teach you how to use nutrigenomics to reset your health and get your life back

August 12 Gigi Neophytou is a 62yr old grandmother who specialises in healthy ageing. Through her businesses ‘Yoga & Beyond’ and ‘The Health & Happiness Centre’ she teaches her students and clients the natural lifestyle practices to foster great health mentally, physically and emotionally.

Gigi has over 15 years experience as a counsellor, yoga teacher (with a focus on yoga as therapy), health educator and has recently completed qualifications as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach.

August 19 NHSA panel. Our series will finish with a Natural Health Society panel discussion where NHSA greats such as Elizabeth and Roger French will share their insights on translating natural health knowledge into daily practice. Roger and Elizabeth will be joined by Richard Stepniewski, an excellent natural health advocate and one of our most dedicated volunteers. (You can read about his experience with water fasting  here.)

We will have over 100 years of cumulative natural health lived experience and practice on the panel for you to learn from!

Tickets are $49 for the series ($39 for members)

Book here or call 0432 396 701 in business hours to purchase your ticket.  

Looking forward to weeks of learning with you!

NHSA team

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July 22, 2021 @ 19:30
August 19, 2021 @ 19:30
$39 – $49


Natural Health Office
0432 396 701