NHSA PRESIDENT/CHAIR – Position Description

Position Title:  President/Chair of the Natural Health Society of Australia

Term of Office:  To be advised

Reports to:  The National Committee


The President/Chair is responsible for the leadership, direction and co-ordination of the activities of the Society.

He/she is the Chief Volunteer of the Society and represents the Society in public contexts. The President/Chair manages the National Committee and the business of the Society while the Society’s Manager ensures that the organisation runs smoothly and efficiently.  The President/Chair does not hold greater authority than any other Committee member but will generally have additional responsibilities.

The President or, in the President’s absence, the Vice President, is to preside as Chairperson at each general meeting of the Society.

The President:

  • Is a member of and provides leadership for the National Committee
  • Fully understands and ensures Committee members act in accordance with the Society’s Constitution and Charter
  • Acts as the official representative of the Society, including as a signatory for official correspondence and documents
  • Makes public and media statements to the community on behalf of the Society
  • Leads the design of the Society’s mission, values and strategic goals. Oversees development of relevant policies and business plans in order to achieve the goals
  • Monitors financial planning and financial reports
  • Develops and maintains an effective working relationship with the Society’s Manager, Health Director and Administrator
  • Chairs National Committee meetings and facilitates discussion, ensuring that agenda items are dealt with in sufficient detail and that decisions are made appropriately
  • Manages National Committee interactions to be open, focused, constructive and respectful
  • Ensures accurate recording of meeting decisions
  • Assigns work to Committee members and ensures they have the information needed to do their jobs
  • Works with the Committee to ensure representation of necessary skills on the Committee and that succession plans are in place
  • Instructs auditors in the absence of a finance committee
  • Oversees the process for evaluating the performance of the Society’s Manager, and recruiting a new Manager as required
  • Establishes sub-committees of the National Committee for specific tasks and defines their terms of reference. Seeks volunteers for sub-committees.  Appoints a member of the National Committee as chair on all designated sub-committees
  • Chairs Annual General Meetings and special meetings. Prepares the AGM agenda
  • Ensures the Society’s resources are being appropriately used
  • Invites guests to attend meetings as a resource as required
  • Initiates and leads the Committee’s annual evaluation of the performance of the Society in achieving its goals
  • Maintains awareness of competitors, potential membership opportunities and information technology developments
  • Takes on additional responsibilities to other National Committee members as required


  • Possess key skills/personal characteristics of a good Committee member
  • Possess demonstrated leadership/innovation skills to manage and lead a collaborative team
  • Possess strong organisational and time management skills
  • Possess strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Possess people management, decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Possess authority and force of personality to be able to control the National Committee agenda and its meetings
  • Possess public speaking skills and interpersonal skills to manage and guide a team
  • Possess a motivational and goal-oriented mentality
  • Behave ethically and with integrity
  • Act with tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity and to reconcile opposing views
  • Encourage and support others to achieve
  • Have an ability to influence and earn respect


A key focus for the Chair is to plan and run effective and efficient Committee meetings.  The role includes:

  • Having adequate time to perform the role
  • Approving National Committee meeting agendas (prepared by the Society’s Manager)
  • Opening (ensuring there is a quorum), chairing and closing meetings
  • Prioritising the business of the meeting, keeping to the agenda yet deferring less important matters if required
  • Facilitating discussion to ensure that all Committee members are given an opportunity to speak and share views, ideas and concerns
  • Encouraging questions, transparency and diverse opinions
  • Participating in planning and decision-making
  • Managing emotions and the potential for conflict
  • Guiding discussion to enable Committee members to make decisions
  • Putting motions to a vote, if required, and ruling on the motion
  • Ensuring that accurate minutes of the meetings are recorded, checked and confirmed by Committee members
  • Motivating and encouraging positive Committee member behaviour


  • Chair National Committee meetings, approximately 2 hours in length, on the second Tuesday of the month
  • Chair Annual General Meetings ((includes Committee elections and is followed by a Committee meeting – approximately 3 hours)
  • Chair special meetings
  • Attend special events of the Society
  • Undertake related work as required