NHSA TREASURER – Position Description

Position Title:  Treasurer of the Natural Health Society of Australia

Term of Office:  To be advised

Reports to:  The National Committee


The Treasurer’s primary role is to oversee the financial management of the Society. This can include maintaining financial records, approving expenditures, and preparation/review of financial reports. The Treasurer ensures that reporting is accurate and that the Committee has the information it needs to make good decisions.

The Treasurer:

  • Is a member of the National Committee
  • Ensures that all money due to the Society is collected, that all payments authorised by the Society are made, and that correct books and accounts are kept showing the financial affairs of the Society
  • Provides regular financial statements to the National Committee and at the Annual General Meeting
  • Prepares an annual budget, in consultation with the Committee, projecting income and expenditure for the financial year of the Society. Monitors the Society’s performance against the budget
  • Reviews the annual profit and loss and balance sheet statements
  • Ensures that there are two signatories from the office bearers of the Committee to maintain separation of duties
  • Regularly reports to the Committee on trends, concerns and assessment of fiscal health
  • Ensures that sufficient funds are available to support the Society’s liabilities in consultation with other Committee members
  • Oversees the Society’s annual audit process



  • Be analytical, probing and observant
  • Act with tact, diplomacy, integrity and honesty
  • Use clear and accurate communication to explain complex financial concepts in simpler terms
  • Possess basic accounting skills
  • Pay attention to detail and work with accuracy
  • Use critical thinking to be able to appraise the Society’s financial standing



The primary responsibility of a Treasurer in Committee meetings is to report on the Society’s finances and answer questions from other Committee members about financial matters.

The role includes:

  • Ensuring that finance-related items are on the Committee meeting agenda
  • Co-ordinating production of financial reports and information and distributing them well before the Committee meeting
  • Reporting to the Committee on the current financial status of the Society, including anything that is outside the budget
  • Co-ordinating production of necessary reports for annual and special meetings



  • Participate in Committee meetings, approximately 2 hours in length, on the second Tuesday of the month
  • Attend and actively participate in the Annual General Meeting (includes Committee elections and is followed by a Committee meeting – approximately 3 hours), and attend special meetings
  • Attend special events organised by the Society
  • Undertake related work as required