This Fitness and Yoga Mat helps you to experience the earth’s natural healing energy while doing yoga, stretching, meditating or working out. Using an Earthing Yoga Mat when doing exercise or yoga can reduce pain and inflammation, help you recover quicker and with reduced muscle soreness.


How will I benefit Using an Earthing Yoga Mat?

  • reduces pain and inflammation.
  • faster recovery
  • less muscle soreness
  • better sleep
  • reduction of inflammation and pain
  • improved blood flow
  • normalizing effect on the stress hormone cortisol
  • calming effects on the nervous system

The yoga mat is 100% PVC-free and Latex free, anti-skid and odorless and is great for pets too.

  • Made of 100% eco friendly and recyclable TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers):
  • TPE material is UV resistant, lightweight, PVC free, chloride free, latex free and uses non-toxic materials in its production
  • Closed cell construction prevents germs from absorbing into the mat

The Yoga Mat Kit Includes

  • 1 x Earthing Yoga Mat – 61cm x 183cm x 0.5cm
  • 1 x 6m Coil Cord
  • 1 x Adapter plug with built-in splitter
  • 1 x Instruction brochure

Technical Specifications

The black top conductive layer (where your body makes contact) is made of PU (Polyurethane) leather that is vinyl free, and phthalate free. The PU leather is infused with conductive carbon which is what conducts the Earth’s energy. The bottom, non-conductive layer is made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) closed cell foam. This is among the safest foam available. It is latex and PVC free. This is the same type of foam used in footwear, and in children’s foam toys.

Care Instructions

To clean the mat, simply wipe down the mat using a non corrosive cleaner. Do not use chlorine bleach or liquid fabric softener, or any detergent containing bleach or fabric softener, chemicals that can ruin the conductivity of the mat. Do not apply lotions, creams, or oils to the skin just before contact with the Earthing mat. Such substances oxidize and can damage conductivity. Air dry the mat only.

In case of lightning

Although it is highly unlikely that you will be hit by lightning, it is recommended to follow standard lightning safety guidelines as directed by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and disconnect your Earthing devices (along with electrical devices) during lightning and thunderstorms.


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