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  1. The best form of B12 supplementation will depend on a variety of individual factors such as diet, intrinsic factor production, pre existing conditions (such as Coeliac Disease and Crohn’s Disease) and level of deficiency. You are definitely on the right track though as it has been found that in people with dietary vitamin B12 deficiency, small frequent oral doses (2 µg daily) are more effective than infrequent large doses (weekly or less often). This is because the body can only absorb a limited amount of B12 at any one time. However it is also worth noting that, in general, high doses of B12 are considered safe with a low risk of toxicity. Vitamin B12 injections are another option. They are most often used for people who are B12 deficient and have absorption issues due to deficiency of the intrinsic factor. The advantage of injections is that they can quickly correct B12 deficiency. It would probably be best to have a chat to your health professional who could look at your test results and personal history holistically to find which (if any) supplementation would be best for you.

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