Forest therapy – blog from our TNH files

Written by our Vice President, Margaret Stepniewski, originally published in our Spring 2020 edition of True Natural Health.     According to the World Health Organisation, stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century and is responsible for many forms of chronic illnesses. In the 1980s, Japan recognised the physiological and psychological dangers of […]

Tired People Never Lose Weight

Guest post by Dr Greg Fitzgerald (Allied Health). Greg recently spoke at our webinar series, and some of you were understandably keen to hear more from Greg so here are some of his thoughts on energy, vitality and healthy weight management. Find out more about Greg’s services at  About Us – Health For Life   […]

Two Key Qualities For a Healthier, Happier and (probably) Longer Life

The following blog was written by Dr Greg Fitzgerald (Allied Health) of   My wife Dawn and I are sometimes asked about the most remarkable health recoveries we have ever seen in our 34 years in the health field. Our response is quick and in agreement. It is without doubt the recoveries we have […]

Anxiety and the gut microbiome

How your gut bugs can chill you out or stress you out Robyn Chuter – Naturopath For the healthiest, happiest you | Empower Total Health — Empower Total Health Anxiety is a modern epidemic. In the last major population study of mental health conducted in Australia, the 2007 National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, anxiety […]