Adult – Non prescription, clear hardcoat multicoat blue-light filtering glasses – Blue

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Australian designed and manufactured blue light filtering glasses.

Over the last 100 years, due to the invention of the light bulb, and more recently, televisions, computers, iPads and smart phones, we are exposed to much more artificial light, blue light
and bright light at night than ever before. Prolonged exposure to these, especially in the evening delays our body clock and bed-time. The quality, duration and timing of light are the most important factor that can affect your sleep. Exposure to blue light before bedtime, from digital devices and lighting, causes melatonin (our sleep hormone) production to be delayed.

You can use these fitovers or glasses during the day to help with visual comfort and eye fatigue when you are on any digital device (can be worn over glasses or on their own). Using these at night to block blue light in the evening will help with better sleep, better mood, general health and eye health. They should also be worn for 2-3 hours before your ideal bedtime. You will notice the benefits within a few days of wear!

Use every day consistently and go to bed when you first start to feel sleepy for the best sleep and health.