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Cancer and Diet

Roger French : Autumn 2016 Our genes don’t play a big part in deciding whether we develop cancer – but the food we eat does. Our diets, weight and general lifestyle choices trump genetics every time. Indigenous cultures have dressed wounds with honey for thousands of...

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Manuka honey for healing wonders

Honey is one of nature's oldest folk remedies, having been used for at least 5,000 years for its healing properties. Ancient civilisations used honey to help heal wounds. Hippocrates of ancient Greece, the ‘father of medicine’, found that honey heals boils, ulcers on...

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Sunshine Can Prevent Cancer

New discoveries of the roles of sunshine and vitamin D in cancer. ‘Slip, slop and slap’ is being turned on its head. The number of remarkable benefits that vitamin D can provide in protecting us from a wide range of diseases is emerging as the nutrient discovery of...

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