Give Peas a Chance By Doug Evans, Osteopath and Natural Health Practitioner

This article, written by Doug Evans, Osteopath and Natural Health Practitioner, is one from our archives. It was originally published in True Natural Health in 2016. Legumes are great for our health. This group includes all the beans and peas, such as lentils, chickpeas, baked beans and soya beans (which are particularly beneficial).   All […]

Interview with Gisselle Cooke

Giselle Cooke, Holistic Health Consultant, MB, BS, DBM, PhD  MNHAA (155776) Giselle Cooke is a former GP who now practices wellness medicine. Giselle will be presenting at our NHSA 2024 Seminar, we’re excited to learn from her.             How you describe your health philosophy? I practice Wellness Medicine, so my […]

The Perils of Blue-Light: By Dr Jenny Livanos Optometrist and Nutritionist

In the past, we organised our daily routines according to the sun. Sunlight was our main source of light and energy, with our ancestors working outside from sunrise to sunset. Dimly lit nights were spent with candles and around the fireplace, followed by going to sleep in darkness. Nowadays, many of us live in big […]


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A review by our Patron and former Health Director Roger French.   I have selected eight different plant milks from local stores and will assess their ingredients to provide a guide for all brands.   Firstly, as you no doubt realise, plant ‘milks’ are not milk at all; they are plant items dissipated in water […]